COVID-19 Procedures

This is How We’re Protecting Ourselves & Our Customers

Economizer provides HVAC, Heating, Air Quality Control, and Appliance Repair and Installation, and as such plays, a vital role in our society and is regarded as an essential service.

Throughout the course of this pandemic, we’ve broken down our mission into five simple but important goals:

  • Stay Open
  • Protect Our Customers AND Our Team
  • Remaining Flexible
  • Ensure Everyone we’re Involved With, are BOTH Comfortable AND Safe, Including Our Customers and The Families of our Team Members
  • Remain Operationally Efficient to Minimize Unnecessary Contact or Possible Spread

We also understand that our customers are doing everything in their power to protect themselves, their homes, and their families. We agree, and to that end, we’re united in our mission to achieve this goal!

We’ve implemented a number of special procedures to work toward this goal.


Social Distancing

Social distancing is an important factor in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and we have taken some fairly extreme measures to reduce face to face contact to an absolute minimum, and to make sure that any face to face contact is done from an appropriate distance and with proper safety protocols in place.

  • Those who are able to work from home have been provided with the tools and equipment to do so.
  • We still need members of our team to go to the office in order for our company to continue to run smoothly, we’ve taken extra steps to protect them, including installing air scrubbers throughout our office to greatly reduce the chances of the virus passing through the air.
  • Any meetings of more than two people are done remotely via Zoom.
  • We have transitioned to remote dispatching, allowing workers to be sent to jobs without having to make unnecessary trips back to the office.
  • We have minimized indoor activity as much as possible.



Cleanliness stops the spread of the disease, so we’re taking a ton of additional precautions to clean and sanitize our work areas, including our service trucks and other field equipment.

  • We have our office professionally cleaned daily so our workers show up to a clean facility for every shift.
  • All field technicians are under strict instructions to wear latex gloves, booties, and a protective mask for the duration of every job they perform. When the job is complete, they must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean.


Additional Precautionary Measures

  • Our staff get daily Temperature checks
  • In Addition, if you or anyone in your home has been sick or even felt ill in the past two weeks, we are taking added precautions by rescheduling your service. We’re doing this to ensure our techs remain protected.
  • We are also observing a six-foot social distancing rule for the duration of our visit to your home.