How to Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs AC Repair in Sacramento: A Closer Look

Are you wondering if you might be in need of AC repair in Sacramento? Keep reading and learn much more about AC repair here.

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Summer 2021 in Northern California was among the top 10 hottest ever recorded. For Downtown Sacramento, it was the fifth warmest on record. The season also ranked sixth in terms of having the most 100-degree days in a year.

Unfortunately, summer 2022 might not be any better. That’s considering the record-breaking high temperatures during this year’s spring.

That’s enough reason to ensure your air conditioner can keep you cool. If it can’t, it’s best to have an AC repair specialist fix it ASAP. Otherwise, you might develop heat-related illnesses like cramps, exhaustion, or stroke.

So then, how can you tell you need air conditioner repairs?

This guide lists the top indications, so read on to learn when to ring up the pros.

Suddenly Powered Off

Was your air conditioner running until a few minutes ago? If so, its circuit breaker might have tripped. Confirm this by going to your main service panel and looking for a switch labeled AC or air conditioner.

If it’s on the OFF side, slide it back to the ON side and turn on the unit again.

If the air conditioner powers back up only for its breaker to trip again, please turn off the unit. It’s a sign that your AC draws in more energy, indicating a circuit overload or short circuit.

Call a Sacramento HVAC company to inspect your air conditioner as soon as possible. For starters, a circuit breaker that keeps tripping can stop working altogether. That’s dangerous, as it can put you and your home at risk of electrical hazards.

So for your safety, have your AC checked and fixed by an expert ASAP. Prompt repairs can also help protect your system’s electronics from complete failure.

No to Little Cold Air

As beautiful as Sacramento County is, its air quality isn’t as pretty; it got an F grade in the latest SOTA report. After all, it had too many days wherein its air quality had unhealthy pollution levels.

Staying indoors is usually the recommended action during such days.

Unfortunately, that could be just as risky if your home feels as hot as the outdoors. That can happen if your AC produces little to cold air, which can occur due to a clogged HVAC air filter. Moreover, a filthy filter can further reduce your home’s indoor air quality.

So, if you haven’t changed or cleaned your air filter for months, now’s the time to do it.

If that doesn’t help, thick layers of dirt and grime may now be covering your AC evaporator coils. Those are metal loops responsible for cooling the air. Therefore, if debris coats them, they can no longer do their job.

Call a Sacramento air conditioner repair service if a new filter doesn’t help. The expert likely has to give your AC a deep cleaning and tune-up job to get it working again.

Blows Warm Air Instead

Some HVAC systems, including reverse cycle units, can cool and heat. If this is the kind you own, check your thermostat first to ensure it’s not on HEAT mode. Someone may have switched it to that function by accident, and if so, you only have to change it back to COOL.

What if your AC doesn’t have a heating function or is in COOL mode, but it still blows warm air? Then you might have a clogged outdoor unit.

Also known as the condenser unit, the outdoor unit expels hot air it takes from inside your home to the outdoors. However, with it being outside, it won’t take long before it becomes clogged with dirt and debris. That obstructs the airflow, rendering the outdoor unit unable to disperse heat.

Since all that hot air doesn’t have anywhere else to go, it may flow back into your home. Thus, your AC might seem like it’s producing warm air.

You can try cleaning the condenser unit by removing the debris clogging it up.

If there’s too much filth inside the unit, it’s best to call an HVAC repair company instead. A pro can help prevent damage to its fragile fins that easily bend with improper handling.

Leaks Water

Every time you operate your air conditioner, it draws out moisture from the air. That results in the formation of actual condensation, which then drips down to the drain pan. The water then flows into the condensate drain line and exits your home through a pipe.

So if your AC leaks water, the most likely culprit is a clogged condensate drain line. Over time, dirt, dust, mud, mold, and mildew can cause a blockage within this PVC pipe. That can result in the water backing up and overflowing into your home.

If you have a wet/dry vac, you can use that to extract the clog in the line. However, if you don’t own one or if you do, but it doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call the pros for help. They use specialized vacuums that eradicate the blockage to free up drain lines.

Unusual Bubbling or Hissing Sounds

Such noises often indicate a leaking refrigerant line. Inefficient or reduced cooling power often accompanies refrigerant leaks. The loss of the chemical can even cause the AC evaporator coils to freeze and, as the ice thaws, drip water.

Please turn off your AC when you hear such noises and experience those other symptoms. Then, immediately call an HVAC repair company to inspect and fix the leak. The sooner they can, the higher their chances of being able to repair the damage.

If the unit loses too much refrigerant, you might have to replace the entire thing.

Never Delay Necessary AC Repair

And there you have it; the top signs you need AC repair as soon as possible. However, before you call the pros for help, try the troubleshooting steps we listed first. If they don’t do the trick, that’s the time to ring up your local Sacramento HVAC specialists.

Is your air conditioner still behaving erratically? Then our team of professional technicians here at Economizer HVAC can help. So, contact us now, and we’ll make sure your AC is in top condition to keep you and your loved ones cool.