HVAC Repair In Sacramento: What Does HVAC Repair Cost per Hour?

Do you need to hire an HVAC repair contractor in Sacramento? Have you ever asked yourself: what does HVAC repair cost per hour? Click here to learn more.

hvac repair cost per hour

The United States HVAC market is expected to grow to a value of $58.56 billion by 2028. Temperatures are rising across the country and HVAC is essential to maintaining our levels of comfort. But once you have the system installed, how much is its upkeep going to cost?

An HVAC system has a lifespan of around 20 years, but only when well maintained. If you’re looking for HVAC repairs in Sacramento, read on as we break down the HVAC repair cost per hour.

HVAC Repair Cost per Hour

The average HVAC repair cost in Sacramento works out at an average of $424 for the full repair. $116 would b the minimum cost and $985 would be the most you can expect to pay

HVAC Service Costs

It is recommended you get your HVAC serviced regularly, at least once a year. Like hourly rates, the cost of a service can vary. This all depends on if you want to service the AC, furnace, or both. 

AC Service Cost

The average fee for an AC service in Sacramento is around $300. You can get it as low as $150 if the system has been regularly maintained. However, if it has not, then you can expect to reach the upper end of $400. 

These costs can increase if certain tasks need doing during the AC service. For example, you may need to add refrigerant to the system, which requires chemicals and knowledge of the specific system. Additional replacement parts will increase the price. 

Furnace Service Cost

Furnace servicing will cost an average of $250. At the lower end, it could be as minimal as $150 if the problems are limited. At the top end, older furnaces that have been neglected could reach up to $350. 

Several different jobs may need doing when a furnace needs servicing, along with numerous parts that could add to the cost if they need replacing. Blower motors, heat exchangers, pressure sensors, and flame sensors will all add to the total. These are unavoidable, as parts of this can cause serious harm to your household if they are not operating correctly.

HVAC Repair Call Costs

Most companies will have minimum HVAC repair fees for any visit to your home. The average for this is around $75, though it could be as high as $200. It will be charged even if they do not do any work, or if it is a quick repair job lasting less than an hour.  

Check this amount when you first contact any HVAC company. Some may include it in the first hour of labor or deduct it from your final bill. 

Ductwork Repair and Cleaning Costs

Another essential part of your HVAC system is the ductwork. Many homeowners forget about this and it ends up being a surprise expense they had not considered. Repair for ductwork can cost around $35 to $75 depending on the location of the problem. 

Your ductwork will also need regular cleaning. As it requires getting inside the duct, it can be very hard to do this unless you have the correct tools. $3 to $5 per linear foot is the average price for cleaning. 

Finally, the ductwork should be insulated to prevent heat loss and water leakages. Usually, this is done at installation but the insulation can deteriorate over time. This should also cost between $3 to $5 per linear foot. 

HVAC Tune-Up Costs

When you get an HVAC tune-up, the technician will come and vet your whole system. They will clean all the filters, remove any built-up dirt and detritus, and repair worn-out parts. 

This can cost between $70 to $190 depending on the tasks you need. Keep in mind that this will make your system more efficient, so after the initial outlay, you should recoup some of the costs. 

HVAC Emergency Call Out Costs

If you need an emergency call out, fees do not rise that much if the call occurs during working hours. $150 at the low end to $600 at the utmost are about right. Should you call on weekends or holidays, an extra $40 to $80 per hour may be added. 

Thermostat Replacement Costs

There are numerous different types of thermostats on the market, some costing quite a lot of money. The one you choose will largely determine the cost. For example, mechanical ones will cost less to install than a smart thermostat, which may need programming. 

A non-programmable thermostat costs around $45 to install, not including the call-out fee. Multi-zone smart thermostats can be anywhere between $150 to $600. 

HVAC Repair Tips

The best HVAC repair tip you can get is to schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups. While there is an initial outlay and cost, you recoup this in many other ways. 

Firstly, you will save through energy efficiency. A technician will also tell you what parts may cause problems shortly, so you can replace them in advance and don’t have to pay emergency call-out fees.

Another is to regularly replace your air filters. You don’t need an expert to help you with this, as long as you know the right size filters to buy. This will allow more clean air through, reducing the strain on the system and resulting in less mechanical failure over time. 

Finally, make sure you clean the system regularly as part of your home maintenance schedule. Wipe dirt from around the vents and wash out the condensate line and drains. 

Finding Quality HVAC Repair

Now that you know the HVAC repair cost per hour, find a qualified expert in Sacramento. Remember that the lowest quote is not always the best option. Speak with a range of companies to see what they include in their call-out. 

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